Te Matai – Journey With Us

My insight into this journey

I was accepted in a practical industry project during my last semester for my studying in New Zealand. This is a Maori Trust which wants to develop their tourism industry. I was very interested in this and I decide to do it.

As an international student, I felt quite lucky that I could enjoy this journey. The name of this land is Te Matai. I was deeply impressed by its beautiful and spectacular landscape when I arrived here. You would never think that there is a place which is pure, but also possessing the most power in the world.


Let us learn about Te Matai first, Te Matai is a Maori Trust which possessing 9000 acres land and includes mountains, rivers, forests, and many abundant flora and fauna. It is located in the upper Mohaka River. Moreover, there are still descendants of the surviving ancient Maori tribes, their heritage and the brilliant and sagacious Maori culture.


How beautiful is Te Matai? What did I see in the Te Matai whenua (land)? What impressions is it giving me? Follow me and I will show you. I sincerely hope that I could make everybody who wants to come here or are interesting in here to fall in love with this wonderful land like me. In addition, I hope that I could help everybody who may decide to come here in making this journey.

Firstly, as mention about Te Matai, beautiful landscape is the first advantage:
I remembered that when I when I got to the Te Matai whenua, it was just after some quite heavy rain. There are two ways which can enter into Te Matai: Walking and helicopter. Because of the security consideration, I was scheduled to take the helicopter.

I thought that maybe that is the schedule from the God, I firstly saw the most spectacular view during my growing career and it deeply impressed me: it was brilliant and amazing

After you enter here, you will be impressed everywhere you look in Te Matai. There are whole indigenous forests covering 9000 acres including abundant flora and fauna. The Mohaka River is silently passing through the whole land while irrigating these lives as their life fountainhead. With time past, this river also washed over everything that has happened in Te Matai’s history.

The beauty in here is pure, peaceful, but also powerful. When you are here, you can breathe light heartedly. Moreover, you can experience deeply the feeling that is the world, you, the sky and earth. At that moment, you can open your infinite imaginations; in addition, open your heart to recover your inner courage.




Besides these, in here you can also enjoy various and unique experiences: you can experience the most distinctive and original wild hunting in New Zealand, and more. Te Matai also offer fishing items for every customers who want to find a quiet environment. You can walk through one of the ancient walkway in North Island and listen to many stories that have happened on the walkway from your guides, enjoy the pure air and feel the magic power of nature. One more attractive item you must know is the wild hot spring: if you come to Te Matai, try the private hot spring and enjoy this luxury just for you or with your friends or family, which is totally different with other attractions’ hot springs.


Maori culture is the symbol in Te Matai. The old and ancient Maori villages show the custom and culture from their precious Maori sprit. If you like to walk on the walkway with professional guide offered by Te Matai and learn of the stories and fates

of their tipuna (elders), it will be an unforgettable and fantastic trip during your journey with your friends or family.



Are you ready to come? Te Matai is on the way to process several travel items to satisfy different customer demands: it hopes to fit for couples, families, and groups.


Item one: Adventure Trip: helicopter in – walk/raft out:

The route is Helicopter –Waiokaka lodge (hot spring) –Maori tribes/hunting/fishing/BBQ (Alternatively) – rafting
In this package, you will have a panoramic view when you taking a helicopter flight over the flourishing forest, and then you will arrive on the Waiokaka lodge: you can hunt deer for your BBQ venison dinner; alternatively, you can fish or see Maori culture and their distinctive ceremony of Haka. However, if you have one night to stay in here, you also have enough time to walk through an ancient walkway while your private nature hot spring is just 10 minutes away from your walkway end. If you have enough time, I sincerely suggest you could stay in one or two night, accompany with your friends, or family to enjoy the power and peace of the nature.



Family trip: walkway in (out) – Helicopter in (out)

Or do you want to experience an unforgettable memory with your children in your lives? Do you want to experience and grow up with your children? Then you should choose this Family trip: you will take your children to a new horizon to see this world, which is not just only cities, technology, competition and pressure, there is also nature, history and peace. The guide will accompany with you to finish the whole walkway and tell you the most wonderful stories which is happened on this walkway. Your children and you will together feel the time and power of the walkway, and more, reviewing the history of New Zealand.


Group trip: Walk in – Walk out:

Te Matai is a perfect place to assist you to build your team: an exclusive environment, a pure land, all of them can make people relax and release their heart to talk to people. When you are roaming on the walkway, people talk to each other, taking photos, enjoying the singing of birds; In addition, Te Matai offers distinctive party-food cuisine, including venison and a comfortable price for you and your team.



Special trip: helicopter in – helicopter out

If you have a special needs or requests, they can accommodate you to have a memorable short experience at Te Matai. The most professional pilots will offer you a safe helicopter journey for every customer. Best way to enter, best view to see.

This is a hidden world, now is waiting for you. In here, time could be slower, and horizon could be larger. In here, only have sky, earth and you. This is a remote land to make you release yourself and give you a real freedom; this is a beautiful land to enjoy your time with your families and friends.

Come to Te Matai, Come Journey with us.

I sincerely to offer some help for everyone who want to come to Te Matai, thanks.

Xin Jin